Glitter Girl Loose Glitter - Zero Dust 5g

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Glitter Girl’s fabulous Unicorn Eco Glitter in “Zero Dust” is the best way to have that extra bit of Sparkle when you hit the competition floor.

Harvested with the utmost care, Unicorn Glitter is a must to give you and your whole team that inner confidence.

To apply, have your coach or team member sprinkle the Zero Dust into your hair at the part or to give your ponytail that extra Zing! You can spray it with some hairspray to keep it in place.
When you hit Zero in a routine, you fulfil its intended purpose. There are countless people involved in creating one routine. Coaches + gym owners + choreographers + music producers + event producers and of course the athletes executing the routine. This group of people spends countless hours creating each section in a Hit scoresheet.

A lot has to come together to create a routine and a whole lot more for a routine to Hit Zero. As an athlete, you hope that your coaches have created a routine that will allow you to win and that you and your team are capable of carrying out that routine.

When a Dance or Cheer routine hits zero, the work of everyone involved suddenly comes to life. You can’t touch a routine, but you can watch it unfold and then rewatch it on YouTube for the rest of your life.

Winning is usually the goal, and getting there is insanely hard. But if winning is the goal, hitting Zero is a major component.
Hitting Zero has become an increasingly popular goal to focus on in the past few years. Hit zero competition pins, gym posters, Twitter GIFs, and the like flood social media during competition season. Personally, I love that so many teams and athletes are focused on hitting rather than winning.

Harvested with the utmost care, Unicorn Glitter is a must to give you that inner confidence.

GG loves you & you were born to sparkle. No Unicorns were harmed in the collection of this product. Proudly Australian.

Warning: for external use only. Please always be cautious when using glitter around the eyes and discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Additional information: 5 gram pouch, 10 gram pot.