Clear Crystal Glitter Pony Cuff
Clear Crystal Glitter Pony Cuff
Clear Crystal Glitter Pony Cuff

Clear Crystal Glitter Pony Cuff

You'll love our glitter pony cuffs!

- 1 inch in height featuring high quality clear rhinestone crystals
- Available in 3 sizes (small, regular, large) depending on thickness of hair
- 23 different colours to choose from

We also sell mini cuffs, which are perfect for younger children or dolls. 

Please read the below information carefully so you can choose your size to ensure the best fit! If you’re in between sizes, select the size up. It is okay to have some room left available if you’re planning to tease and style your hair or secure your pony with extra hair ties. It’s better to go larger than to be too small.

Please note: Cuffs look best when the ponytail is directly positioned on top of the head with styled hair, or in a low ponytail.

Tie your hair up in a ponytail using a thick elastic and then measure the circumference of the ponytail using a measuring tape. Add 1cm (or round up) and refer to the reference guide below:

  • Size B (small): circumference between 11.25-12cm 
  • Size C (regular): circumference between 12.5-13.25cm
  • Size D (large): circumference between 13.75-14.5cm

Please be sure to measure before purchasing.

There are no refunds on pony cuffs if you purchase the wrong size. If you’re in between sizes, go one size up.

Our model Bek has extra hair thick hair and is wearing a gold glitter pony cuff in size D (large).